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Michelle Yeoh Is IN; The Oscars Are OUT

Michelle Yeoh Is IN; The Oscars Are OUT AUDIO PIECE: LISTEN ABOVE


[And the Oscar goes to…]

Female Speaker: Everything Everywhere all at Once

Male Speaker: Everything Everywhere all at Once

Neha Magesh: Best picture: the title awarded to the movie with the most applaudable combination of direction, acting, cinematography, and style. And in 2023, there seems to be one standard opinion: Everything Everywhere All At Once is this year’s obvious winner. 

Male Speaker: If they don’t give everything everywhere all at once best picture. It would be so funny and they would just shoot themselves in the foot.”

Neha Magesh: The film, which stars Michelle Yeoh and features Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Hsu, and Jamie Lee Curtis, is an exploration of mother-daughter relationships and the immigrant experience, is set amongst a whirling multiverse adventure.

Neha Magesh:  It’s funny, heartbreaking, and a fan-favorite of the younger generation. It was the subject of much TikTok discourse and film Instagram pages, most of which had only good things to say. We spoke to some film fanatics on their thoughts about this film. 

Male Speaker: This is like the most Gen Z movie they can get close to, the most internet movie they can get close to. I’ve been thinking it’s going to win best picture ever since it started getting more hype because the Oscars need to be relevant again. 

Neha Magesh: Today’s internet-aware, letterbox obsessed film fanatics have decided it’s time for the Oscars to go. The Academy Awards, which have been running since 1929, used to be the first and foremost opinions on which films were deserving of the highest praise. But today’s film fans believe that the Academy no longer has the final say in which movies deserve the most praise. In fact, a lot of them aren’t paying attention to the nominations at all. 

Female Speaker: I couldn’t even tell you what’s nominated

Neha Magesh: Even people that used to follow the program closely are turning away from it. Every year, the Oscars are steadily losing credibility with their main audience demographic. Here’s a professor at NYU’s film school.

NYU Professor: I think my prediction is that the Oscars will be as disappointing as it’s always been. I haven’t watched the Oscars in 15 years, the actual program…. Considering I’ve only seen everything everywhere all at once. And I loved it. I’ll take that one.

Neha Magesh: But, it looks like Everything Everywhere all at Once is a film that’s bringing audiences of all ages and personalities to one consensus: this film is going to win Best Picture, even if I’ve got another preference.

Female Speaker: I think I want the Fableman’s but I don’t think it will win.

Neha Magesh: Even esteemed directors like Spielberg, whose film The Fableman’s won the Golden Globe award for best motion picture and best director are predicted to lose their time in the limelight to Everything Everywhere all at Once, which has garnered an unstoppable wave of praise from critics and fans alike. And people are pretty sure that the Oscars are going to ride along on that wave.

Male Speaker: You have to look at the Producers Guild, the Screen Actors Guild, especially the Screen Actors Guild.

Neha Magesh: According to film fanatic opinion, it looks like Everything Everywhere all at Once is going to sweep the Academy Awards this year. On March 12th, we’ll see if they predicted right. Hopefully, there won’t be any slapping this year. 

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