The Author

Originally from the Seattle suburbs, I now study journalism in New York City. Some say I read too fast but don’t read enough. I love bad reality tv, nature, and ice cream. Feel free to check out my previous projects here and my social media here. Check out some photos from my latest trips abroad below.

Small Business Central

I started Small Business Central as a way for myself to discover, document and promote small businesses that are doing the work, making waves, or are simply very cool. There’s always so much out there to discover, and Small Business Central is a way, albeit small, to close that knowledge gap.

Creator Central

Creator Central was born out of Small Business Central—or perhaps the ideas were born together in an indiscernible fuse, and one made its way to clarity faster. Like Small Business Central, my aim with Creator Central is to discover and promote creators of all kinds.

Reach Out

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, suggestions, or a valid argument as to why the East Coast is better (it’s not).

Email me: [email protected]